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Alicia Keys and Kehlani Give The Best Tips For Embracing Your Power As An Artist

R&B music heads have compared Keyshia Cole to Mary J Blige, Chloë Bailey to Beyoncé; now, the most unexpected comparison has been made. In a face-to-face interview, Alicia Keys and Kehlani can be analyzed both by their similarities and differences as artists grow and evolve in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Alicia celebrates the 20th anniversary of the album that started it all, Alicia Keys: Songs in A Minor, while Kehlani teases us about the new project she’s creating that will probably blow our minds. In this engaging conversation, the two artists, who come from two different generations, give us the seven best tips for embracing your power as an artist.

1. Be yourself

Alicia praises Kehlani and lets her know how much she admires her for being upfront with who she is as a person, never letting the industry noise interfere with that self-awareness. 2. You deserve privacy

As an artist, people will want to know your every move; this includes fans, media, enemies…frenemies. Alicia and Kehlani discuss how privacy can be golden and is needed in some capacity throughout their daily routines.

3. Spirituality

Reaching the ultimate balance in life involves constant work between mind, body, and soul. If your soul is not well, how will your mind reach its creative peak? If your mind cannot reach that level, how can your body bed use as an instrument to express what you’re feeling or thinking? Your mind, body, and soul work together to produce your creative product, so creating time to meditate or practice a spiritual routine is needed daily!

4. Same genre, different generation

During heated music debates, whether in-person or on social media, the age-old argument resurfaces with people saying, “she’s an ok singer, but not as good as [insert singer’s name from a previous generation].” Kehlani and Alicia discuss these situations at length.

Alicia gives her input with a direct position saying, “I just feel like people f***in talk too much.” Kehlani nodded in agreement, noting that artists from different generations all have something unique about them, but it doesn’t mean they can’t coexist and be great at the same time.

5. Comfort food music

When Kehlani asks Alicia what her “comfort food” music is, they bring us down memory lane. Alicia mentions Sade and Kehlani mentions Stevie Wonder. These references, in addition to other artists mentioned, will have fans digging through a discography rabbit hole. Every artist just needs music that makes them feel at home.

6. Family Ties

Alicia and Kehlani had us gushing over their stories of how motherhood has made them even stronger, both as women and as artists. Sometimes you can find your strength in your loved ones.

7. Listening to the voices

When you’re green to the music industry, it can be intimidating to just be in conversation with someone who has had years more of experience than you. Nevertheless, it is important to persist and to let your voice ring louder than those around you.

Alicia Keys and Kehlani gave us several thought-provoking gems to use throughout our daily lives and also in business. To watch their interview with Rolling Stone magazine, click here.

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