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Beyoncé's Effect on Houston

My experience at the Renaissance World Tour

It's been a month since I attended the Renaissance World Tour and I am still having flashbacks to the moments that will forever be engrained in my mind. The city of Houston had prepared all week for the "homecoming" of Queen Bey and I was no different. Meticulously placing rhinestones and pouring glitter on my shoes was one of my top priorities of the week I had been planning since the album dropped in July 2022.

As a member of the #BeyHive, one knows that when Beyoncé changes her profile picture on her social media accounts, it's big news. The bloggers, influencers, and fan accounts all swarm to the internet to shout the news that something big is coming. I waited with bated breath for the upcoming news that would be "RENAISSANCE act 1." Fans were guessing which mystery merch boxes in the album pre-order set would have the coolest t-shirt design, and I just went with #1. I remember thinking, "Only Beyoncé would have me ordering merch for an album I haven't even heard yet."


When the album dropped in July, there were mixed reviews. Some were confused and said they didn't like house music and pleaded for Bey to bring back her R&B music...but they totally missed the mark. The lyrics, the samples, and the carefully thought-out euphoric rhythms made the album what it was ––– love. It was an outpouring of love that resonated among The Hive...and eventually, the nay-sayers caught on. Songs like "Church Girl," "Break My Soul," "Cuff It," "Pure/Honey," and "Summer Renaissance" were the catalysts to letting go of any fears and breaking through that barrier in order to feel uninhibited and free. Yep. I caught all that she was throwing...including her sexier love letters like "Plastic Off the Sofa," "Virgos Groove," and "All Up in Your Mind." As a fan who loves when Beyoncé articulates love, hurt, and cockiness, this album just does it!

Needless to say, I knew a tour was coming. So, I started making a list of different disco, metallic, and even alien-inspired outfits/costumes I might want to wear. I still hadn't decided on my costume when the RWT began in May 2023. As the internet, once again, was set ablaze by her couture outfits, I felt even more excited to choose my outfit...because silver wasn't the only color Queen Bey had chosen to rock, and that meant I could let my imagination concoct whatever outfit made me feel free and ready to experience the Renaissance!

I decided on a metallic magenta outfit, a magenta sequined captain hat (resembling the costuming in the "Love On Top" video), and bedazzled nails. My gel nail kit came in handy with this outfit and I was ready to bring all of my hard work together to pull off an amazing outfit. I was ready for night one of the Houston concert.

Metallic magenta outfit, a magenta sequined captain hat (resembling the costuming in the "Love On Top" video
Me and hubby's pre-show photo session

The city of Houston was buzzing. Restaurants, radio stations, bars, and clubs all celebrated "Queen Bey's Homecoming." All week long, there were ads and Instagram Reels trying to convince me to spend money pre-gaming for the concert of the century. However, I didn't give in. Instead, I drank water and tried to eat my veggies because I knew that I would be –– unapologetically –– singing and dancing the night away.


My husband and I decided we could beat traffic and the surcharge of Uber and Lyft by parking at the Metro Park & Ride, and then catching the MetroRail to the NRG Stadium. This turned out to be the greatest idea my husband ever came up with because it was seamless. We arrived around 5:30 pm and got the chance to see everyone rocking merch tees, chrome, metallic dresses, glittery cowboy boots, hats, veils, futuristic goggles, and more! The clips from concerts before ours had set the tone and everyone knew the assignment. The closer we got to the stadium, the more beauty we saw.

There were people snapping photos and videos of themselves in their outfits, people taking pictures in front of a sign that said "Htown Beyhive," and people complimenting each other and showing each other love.

Me in front of the Htown Hive sign

As the sun was setting, we merged into "lines" in order to slowly enter through our gates and the sunlight shimmered off of everyone's metallic garb. The hum of excitement was in the air as we entered and my excitement grew. We had the chance to eat, grab bracelets some of the stadium workers were handing out, and were in our seats by 7:30 pm. I had no idea of the compelling experience I was in for. The wait was more than worth it. I was now witnessing the evolution of the best performer alive, serving us a connection of love, positivity, and badassery.

Waiting at the gate for RWT
The Gates of NRG Stadium

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