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Edythe Boone and Anat Ronen Bring Beauty to Politics in Their Murals

Anat Ronen's paints a picture of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Photo Credit: University of Houston.

Muralists are artists who have been dedicated to telling stories of communities and historical figures for centuries. Muralists have also been tagged with the responsibility of being a voice for the unheard. Edythe Boone is an artist who has made an impact in the United States for generations.

Edythe was apart of a 1995 project where she and six other women banded together to create the multicultural mural, Maestrapeace. The mural was painted on the first all women-owned community center in the U.S., The Women’s Building in San Francisco.

A New Color is a new documentary about Edythe. The documentary emphasizes her role in the community and how her life has been catapulted into U.S. politics because of the death of her nephew, Eric Garner. Eric’s death in 2014 was the catalyst for the I Can’t Breathe campaign.

“You can’t change your beginnings,” said Edythe, “but you sure can put a nice, beautiful ending to the story.”

Edythe, a native of the Harlem borough in New York City, NY, was also known for being an arts advocate who painted murals against drug trafficking overnight in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on Edythe Boone, visit

Maestrapeace mural at the San Francisco Women's Building, Eastside corner. Photo credit: Artists of the Maestrapeace Mural.

Anat Ronen, an artists located in Houston, TX, has a long list of paintings and murals. Anat’s chalk on concrete artworks have been seen at charity events as well as Houston’s annual Via Colori. The Via Colori Street Art Festival is a two-day, outdoor festival that celebrates art, music, and family. The festival raises money for The Center for Hearing and Speech.

The annual Via Colori Festival takes place in Downtown Houston at Hermann Square at City Hall. The festival is free to attend and will take place Saturday, Nov. 19th from 10am to 6pm and Sunday, Nov. 20th from 10am to 5pm.

"Are We Free?" mural painted by Anat Ronen. Photo credit: Anat Ronen.

Anat paints her creations depending on the need of her customer. Nevertheless, she adds her own spice to artworks. The mural, “Are We Free?” is painted on The Mullet graffiti showcase building. The painting shows an American bald eagle trying to fly with a shackle weighing down one of the bird’s legs. This political mural speaks to the vices of the human race. The mural represents how humans in today’s society are not really free because we are bound to houses, cars, money, phones, and other electronics. The mural seeks to question how free the human race really is and if a person is truly able to make independent decisions about life.

For more information on Anat Ronen, visit

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