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If the end of the world comes…Don’t Look Up


Don't Look Up Netflix film review
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Just as the above movie poster mentions, the events in this movie are incredibly possible. There is a reason why my husband and I can’t stop thinking about the movie. This reason is that we can see which of our leaders and entertainers in real life would be playing the characters in the movie. Don’t Look Up gives us surreal situations we can do nothing but smile cringingly and laugh nervously as we watch each scene take place.

We weren’t the only ones who could visualize these events happening. Our Christmastime movie-watching opened up a larger conversation between our family friends and even a Twitter follower.

Can I just say that this one is easily one of my favorites out of all the disaster movies. The comedy was dark and not always funny, but it showed real reactions.

If you were the only two people to discover exactly how and when the world meets its doom.

If your government were to halt a mission to save Earth because they found out that an impending disaster could make the rich richer.

Choosing to be someone you’ve always wanted to be before the end arrives.

Choosing an unlikely match, but also to be around someone who gives you peaceful moments.

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Losing your mind when you realize you gave your leaders the benefit of the doubt when you shouldn’t have.

Finding the people you want to share your last meal with and accepting what is to come.

This movie gets a 9/10 rating from me for the sheer fact that I cannot stop thinking about the scenarios depicted in the film. Go watch the film and tell me your thoughts!

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