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Katrina Woods’ Inaugural Performance with Urban Souls

Katrina Woods in 1st Position

Photo credit: Katrina Woods

Katrina Woods is a 23-year-old member of Urban Souls Dance Company. This is a dream most dancers strive for and Katrina made it happen. This past weekend, she performed for the first time with the company.

Urban Souls hosted the inaugural African American Dance Festival on Friday, Feb. 26th and Saturday, Feb. 27th at the Matchbox theater in downtown Houston. Showings were at 8pm on Friday and 2:30pm and 7:30pm on Saturday.

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Katrina trained in high school on the LBJ High School dance team in Austin, Texas. Wanting to continue her education in dance, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the University of Houston in 2014. While attending, she gained skills as a choreographer and showcased her talents at several performances with the UH Dance Ensemble and other performances off campus. She has also performed with Young Audiences Dance Ensemble and Ballet Afrique Contemporary Dance Company in Austin, TX. Katrina has trained in many forms of dance, most notably modern and ballet.

At U of H, she learned about the hard work and dedication is takes to become a professional dancer. Katrina auditioned three times before she got accepted into the dance program. It has been that same tenacity that has brought her this far in her dance career. Excited with her current role as a member of Urban Souls, the dancer knows there is still more to come in the future.

Katrina Woods on a marketing poster. Photo Credit: University of Houston.

Katrina Woods has dreams of owning her own studio. She has taken on the responsibility of giving back to her community. She wants for young dancers to know how wonderful the life of dance can be by showing them all that it can offer. Making an impact on these dancers’ lives is her way of helping to promote the arts in her community and also throughout the world.

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