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About Zondra

I'm an arts and culture journalist, multi-medium artist, and resident of Houston, TX! On the weekends you can find me roaming around the city, visiting art festivals, writing for the blog, or posting YouTube videos to


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 What you'll read about on 

 The FRESH Media Blog: 

Lots of art

If you do not like all things Houston, arts and cultural events, or food, please, EXIT STAGE LEFT!


​I make it my mission to amplify the work that local Houston artists are doing, so you'll find several interviews I've done with artists on this blog.


If you've read the About Me section, then you know my background in multimedia. So, that's exactly what you'll experience as you explore this site! This is more like an entertainment site than a blog. So go ahead and find Pins to share on Pinterest or share any upcoming events you might be interested in attending around the Houston area! 

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