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 entertainment on   the streets of houston

Hi, i'm zondra👋🏽

Zondra Victor-Johnson.jpg


How do you pronounce your name?

“ZON-druh”. Zondra is my government name, but I go by Ziggie on social media 🙂

How tall are you?

I’m 5’4” – actually a tiny bit below that…but doctors always round up, so I do too 😀

Are you from Houston?

I grew up as a Navy Brat, and experienced life in Florida, Virginia, the United Kingdom, Louisiana, and of course, Texas. 

When did your love of art begin?

I was an "art kid" and always had – and still have – boxes of art supplies and homemade crafts!

I also began dancing at church in 7th grade, which spawned a journey of technical dancing for ten years. Under the directorship of China Smith, founder of Ballet Afrique Contemporary Dance Company, I evolved as a dancer and became aware of just how much of American art history was influenced by black creatives. I continued my love for the arts by exploring more genres throughout college. During my time at the University of Houston, I studied Media Production and minored in World Cultures and Literature. 

Where did the idea for FRESH Media blog come from?

I continued my education at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where I received a Master of Arts in New Media Journalism. It's also when I began THIS BLOG!

How did you meet your husband?

Trey and I met on an app called Badoo (now owned by Bumble) in 2014, during my last semester in undergrad. 

You can read all the messages and listen to our podcast about how we met by listening to our podcast, The Trey & Ziggie Show.

What are fun facts about you?

  1. I have two dogs named Reesey and Roxie (Follow them on IG: reeseyandroxie)

  2. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I have had a media production company for about ten years and I sell upcycled bottle art!

  3. I hold several positions in Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., and love exploring the city of Houston!

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