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Randi Carodine Paints Her Life in Color

Drawing is second-nature to Randi Carodine. In the year 2007 she decided to expand her talents and begin painting. The 28-year-old entrepreneur holds a steady full-time job while honing her awe-inspiring craft.

“I spend between 10 to 15 hours a week on my craft,” said Randi. “It all depends on how much commission work I have.”

There are many different mediums artists use to create their masterpieces. Some utilize tools like oil pastels, watercolor paint, charcoal, pens, markers, and more. Randi uses a multitude of materials when working.

“I usually work with acrylic paint, but I play around with watercolor every now and then and enjoy mixed media,” said Randi. “I'm always exploring new media to create with.”

Randi Carodine notes her favorite pieces as “Kanye” and “Chaos.” The two pieces serve as complete opposites. The “Kanye” artwork is very detailed and reflects the rapper’s image perfectly. “Chaos” is an abstract piece which was born out of life’s frustrations.

Art can originate from many different feelings and inspirations. It has impacted lives all around the world. Art is being used as a rejuvenating and restorative activity for all types of people, including inmates at Central Prison Karachi. The program offers inmates a chance to release their pain and negative feelings. It gives them hope.

Consul General of France Francois Dall’Orso who was also present on the occasion said, “Art can provide one with peace of mind and respite.”

The world of art’s existence is important in order for people to both express themselves and to develop communities.

Microsoft co-founder, Paul G. Allen believes that “the arts have a crucial impact on our economy and are an important catalyst for learning, discovery, and achievement in our country.”

Randi seeks inspiration from many different avenues; music and fashion being her top two muses. Nevertheless, she believes that her best work comes from life’s lessons.

“Life experiences inspire me,” said Randi. “I think some of my best work came from times when I was going though adversity.”

Randi Carodine has big plans for the year 2016. She plans on branding herself as an artist as well as enhancing her many other interests. She wants to share with the world her talents. Randi will soon be creating a YouTube channel to showcase these talents.

To see more of Randi Carodine’s artwork, please visit her Instagram page @ran_d_c. For information on pricing, purchases, and commission work, please email her at

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