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Julia Allen's Mixed Medium Art

Julia Allen is a multi-talented artist. She has created artwork using many different mediums including paper, pen, magazines, and her phone’s camera. Julia has created eclectic collages from magazine pieces that are quite witty and humorous.

Julia credits her skills to the many times she would watch her father draw. She honed her inherited talents over the years by constantly creating.

“The desire has always been there,” said Julia. “Growing up, my dad always drew stuff for my mom. I always saw him drawing, which made me want to draw even more.”

Being a successful artist isn’t always measured in income or other monetary worth of the artwork, but it is measured by time. How much time one spends on his or her craft is the most important thing in being an artist. Julia has mastered this key to success.

“Any time I can get to draw, I draw,” said Julia. “I’ve kind of gotten into the mode of drawing something everyday; creating something everyday.”

Julia can be found “creating” on her off days, giving her that “woosah” moment to escape from the business of life. Julia has definitely taken advantage of these moments and it has shown in her art. Although she has practiced her craft, the extent of her creativity has yet to be revealed.

“I feel like I’m setting the base of my foundation,” said Julia. “I don’t know what God has in store for me – because I have little tiny art shows on my wall, so I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Created By: Julia Allen.

Inspiration brings the artist at work a revelation of what is to be created. Some create from past experiences, the artist’s environment, or an organic and spontaneous place. Which ever way it comes, Julia uses the most out of the resources she already has.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from the resources that I have,” said Julia. “Especially being an artist, I don’t have a high paying job to where I can just buy a lot of different materials. A lot of it comes from like – having an old canvas and some old paint…a lot of my inspiration comes from recycling old things and making them new.”

“I can’t picture myself doing anything else but creating,” said Julia. “I can’t imagine myself sitting in an office or sitting with a company – anything that’s so world-based. For me art is more expressive and more spiritual. It’s coming form within you, so it has more weight.”

To see more from Julia Allen, please visit her on Instagram @julia.zipporah or Julia Zipporah Allen on YouTube.

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