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5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast for Your Growing Business

Podcasts have become insanely popular within the past few years. Every day, more and more listeners are turning off their radios and tuning into their favorite podcasts for entertainment and the latest news, tips, and info about the industries they’re most interested in. It might be time for you to get on board with this new media platform and start reaping the rewards. Starting your own podcast may seem like an unrealistic, daunting task––but it’s actually quite simple. Not to mention it can be a lot of fun! So, if you’re unsure about hosting a podcast for your growing business, then here are five reasons why you should seriously consider it.

It’s Easy and Inexpensive to Startup

Don’t let your imagination run wild with thoughts of late nights, thousands of dollars worth of technology and equipment, or expensive editors and assistants needed to startup and maintain a podcast. Getting started on a podcast is actually pretty easy, and can be done for just a few hundred dollars. There are really only four up-front expenses that you need and that’s paying for a domain, a pair of nice headphones, a mic, and a pop filter.

The latter three can be found for pretty cheap online, and usually in a bundle. Other than those things, the only other item you’ll need is a computer/laptop with internet connection––and that’s something you probably already own. You may have to also buy some kind of audio editing software, but most computers/laptops have something suitable for such purposes already installed. Once you have the equipment, setting it up is as simple as planning your episode, recording it, editing it, publishing it, and then finally promoting it. The most important thing to maintaining a podcast is being consistent in how often you publish episodes and the type of content you put out. By being consistent in those two things you will be able to develop a loyal group of listeners that can hep support your business. There are a lot of resources out there that can help walk you through the process of hosting your own podcast. All it takes is a little bit of time and research, and you can get going on your own podcast journey!

You Can Expand Your Network

Creating a podcast can open up new doors and opportunities for you and your business. It’s a great way to promote any goods or services you offer, and can help build a solid contact list and loyal network of followers. Just like any blog or social media outlet, a podcast can be used to get your name out into the world and be discovered by a whole new audience. It can also be used as a way to collaborate by inviting on guests from different companies for interviews and discussions.

You can help promote one another by supporting each others’ content and by introducing your audience to something new. When you have a guest on from another company you can attract their followers to your podcast and gain them as additional listeners. Same goes for the guest with your audience. It’s a win-win situation where both parties benefit from the collaboration.

Develop a Deeper Connection with Your Audience

A podcast is different from a blogpost or social media blast because it allows you more time to provide more in-depth, long-form content that is hard to achieve anywhere else. Some questions or topics need room for good discussion, and a podcast offers a great platform for that. Because you’re able to delve deep into a topic your audience can get a real sense of who you are and what you’re all about. It allows them to better understand you and gain something more meaningful from your knowledge and experiences.

The more opportunity you have to share who you are, the more opportunities there will be for your listeners to find something in common and make a connection with you. Also, there’s something different about hearing an actual person’s voice as opposed to just reading something they’ve written. As they listen to you, your followers can become familiar and comfortable with your tone, cadence, and overall communication style. Having a connection with your audience encourages them to share your information with friends and family, who may then go on to become fellow listeners too!

It Can Help Establish You as an Authority in Your Field

Hosting a podcast is a great way to build a reputation for yourself as an expert. When you speak on a given topic or industry you’re able to show off your knowledge and expertise in that area and establish trust among your listeners. Utilizing the long-form content format of a podcast allows you to spend a good amount of time digging into a subject and really exploring its many avenues. Showing that you’ve researched and understand a lot about a subject proves to your audience that you are a trusted, reliable resource for information within that field. Answering questions or giving tips and advice concerning industry questions also shows your audience that your knowledgable and trustworthy. That way, when people search you or your business they can listen and hear all about the vast amount of information you have. Find your niche and provide a lot of content about it to establish ourself as an authority on the subject.

Earn Extra Money on the Side

There are a lot of great ways to use your podcast as an additional source of income. One obvious way is to use it for the promotion of other products or services you provide. If your podcast becomes really popular, you can even promote merchandise like t-shirts or hats that have your podcast title and logo on them! Another way is by working with sponsors. You can charge them for promoting their products or services on your podcast. You get some extra cash, and they get advertisement.

Affiliate links work well for earning some money on the side by providing links to other sites and then getting a percentage of whatever money they get from people clicking on those links and buying something from their site. A podcast can be more than just a hobby or marketing tactic––it can actually help financially support your business if done right!


Starting up a podcast doesn’t have to be an expensive or stressful venture. It can actually be really fun! All you need is something to talk about and a willingness to dedicate a couple hours every day to make it really successful. If you’re consistent with the quality and quantity of your episodes, then you have a real chance of making it! Even if it becomes a little too much for you to handle alone, you can always try out hiring an intern to help with the planning and editing episodes.

You don’t need to be able to pay a wage or provide benefits to have a team that can help you. There are a lot of talented, young people eager to gain some experience, and hiring them on as interns is an excellent way to help them get that experience while also helping yourself manage the workload. Bottom line––if you’re looking to grow your business and promote your skills and experience, then starting a podcast is the right move for you. Do your research, plan, prepare, and you can be the host of a successful podcast that informs and inspires thousands of listeners.

*This article contains affiliate links that we make a small commission from once you make a purchase.

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