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Ryan Zamora's Audio Production Journey

Ryan Zamora is an audio engineer, musician, and music producer in Clearlake, TX. As a man of many talents, he remains humble thanks to his journey as an audio technician at his home church and other entrepreneurial projects. Ryan has been working at his home church in Clearlake, TX since his pre-teen years. He produces, audio engineers, sings, plays multiple instruments, and runs audio for events around the Clear Lake area. He is only 19 years old but has a wealth of audio production experience under his belt. 

“I think one of my favorite things about being here is probably been the people that I’ve gotten to make connections with,” said Ryan. “A lot of those people that I’ve made those connections with have taught me a lot of stuff that’s helped me outside of here –– as far as audio production, audio engineering, sound design…film editing video editing.”

Volunteering and working in a church has many benefits, including learning new skills and using real-world applications. In a Church Production Magazine article, BK Beard, Director of Audio at Lakewood Church, told of how he grew up in the church and attributes his skills to being actively involved during his teenage years. 

“I did it all as a teenager…run spotlights, run camera, mix monitors,” said BK. “If I wasn’t at school, I was typically at the church working in some capacity.”

The University of Connecticut published a 2021 article about how working and volunteering in a church can lead to many transferrable skills like teamwork, leadership, persuasion, and teaching. Ryan Zamora has developed these skills by managing a recording studio that he co-owns and by securing different jobs as a musician and audio technician around the nation. 

On May 10, Ryan will be playing with musician, Shaker, who is opening for the band, PLVTINUM, in New York. Follow Ryan on Instagram for more updates or to contact him for audio technician services.

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