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Unleash Your Wild Side With ABC Body Art

Vonetta Berry, originally from LaMarque, TX, is showing that anyone can be fearless and bold. Read on to find out more about our featured artist, Vonetta, who is empowering people from different backgrounds - one body at a time.

Photo credit: Vonetta Berry.

When did you realize you were an artist and did you have formal training?

I have been an artist ever since I could remember, my mother noticed when I was three. I would draw pictures of people with their genitalia on the outside of their clothing. I was interested in surrealism even then. After high school, I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated with a BFA in Animation and Illustration. It prepared me for a life as a professional artist, although I had not planned to become a body painter.

Photo credit: Vonetta Berry.

What inspires you to keep going?

I love what I do. I love seeing how far I can push the envelope. To see how much I can distort a body or bodies.

Which piece of work is your favorite? I have two favorites that reflect my personality. One would be the Bishop I did, as he represents my nerdy side. I loved the X-men cartoon from the nineties and this piece is all of that.  The other is the Enchanted Musician—Cello  in which I blend two bodies to create a cello. It represents my love of transformation.

Photo credit: Vonetta Berry.

Who is your favorite artist?

Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte had profound influence over my work. I love surrealism and love the playful nature of their works. As far as body artists go, Johannes Stoetter and Craig Tracy are my creative mentors.

Do you face any adversity while trying to live out your dream?

Yes. Some people look at what I do as pornographic, or make assumptions about me based on what I do. It’s a challenge. I found that when I was abroad, my art was more celebrated instead of feared. I hope to change that perception one day.

What do you want your legacy as an artist to be?

I would like my legacy to be artwork that people can enjoy and contemplate and opportunities for other little brown girls to know that this is a viable way to pursue [their] creative dream and make a living as well.

Photo credit: Vonetta Berry.

To see Vonetta Berry work her magic in person, go to the MASS Gallery in Austin, TX on May 13th, 2020 where she will be participating in an art pop-up show. If you are thinking of traveling this summer, you can also see works from ABC Body Art at the World Body Painting Festival in Austria from July 4th to 10th. To find out more about Vonetta Berry and her company, visit her on social media @Abcbodyart or go to and

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